Knowing Temperature Sensors More


A temperature sensor is a contraption that measures the temperature of something by electrical signals.

A thermocouple is composed of two unlike metals that conduct electricity in direct proportion to a change in temperature levels.

There are many principles of operation with these measuring devices. You can choose a temperature sensor based on many criteria like style, stem (sheath), insertion length, measuring junction, and connection.

A temperature sensor usually has weather-proof screw cover that gives an electrical conduit connection. It can also serve as a transmitter. Although this is entirely optional.

Most temperature sensors are also built with a 300+ stainless steel stem. The internal wiring is also built with powdered ceramic. This makes it very suitable for liquid uses. And because of its top heat sensitivity, it can really withstand an immense amount of pressure and heat.

Most thermocouples have a scerw cover head and mating jack. This allows for accurate temperature readings.

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