Characterization and Modeling of Electrochemical Energy

Solar panel has reached to it’s highest level of studies since it was being introduced in the 20th century. It reaches the highest level of appreciation form the consumers because of the big percentage of durability and a hundred percent satisfaction of the consumers. It is believe to be the greatest source of energy comes from the sun. It can give a good power supply in the households for a span of time. It is environmental friendly and safe to use.


It was introduce in 1953 and by that time it contributes 4.5 percent  power supply to the electricity. In the year 2012 it reaches the percentage of 15 percent contributed energy source and was able to convert it to electricity. In 2015 and above it is now reaches up high to the 23.5 percentage of  energy supply that can be converted into a electricity. Some of us can afford to buy these panels but for the less fortunate they have also a way of resources for having this kind of energy resources.

It is very practical to use a solar energy in a tropical countries where one could have a lot of sunrise. It is very efficient to use since you don’t have to pay a big amount of electric bills, most especially if your have a big house and a lot of electricity consumption just like how the autocad company build their product and sell to the customers it is always good quality.

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