Types of Thermo Sensors

A temperature sensor has various roles in our lives. You’d be surprised at just how many day to day machines have this device on them. They are used to maintain a specific temperature for equipment. Industries that make use of these are those that belong in medicinal drugs, heat liquids, or cleaning equipment. These can also be found more commonly in cars to regulate the temperature.

A good temperature sensor has an accurate detection circuit. Without one, things could go drastically wrong.

A temperature sensor is absolutely crucial in detecting overheating. This is filed under preventative reliability. This risk comes from particular external factors like extreme operating environments. It can also come from internal factors like self-heating electronics.

The temperature detects the overheating and thus stops it from extreme situations like combustion. You’d think it’s not so important, but most big industries like the automotive, petrochemical, defense, consumer electronics rely largely on this tiny contraption to ensure safety and proper execution of function.

The four types of thermo sensors are:

1. Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor


2. Resistance Temperature Detector


3. Thermocouple


4. Semiconductor-based sensors